About Us

The Skull Island Yacht Club brand was created by experienced Florida waterman who are deeply rooted in the boating, fishing, surfing and dive culture.

The concept emerged from the desire for a place to go - like no other - where members could gather strength after being in and on the water all day. This place would be symbolic of an otherworldly state of mind only achieved by those who spend significant time on the water and appreciate the deep richness and freedom of the ocean. The island is only visible to those that share this same dream and would be a place to be fully alive while drifting in the solitude of the sea.

This place would be a timeless island hideaway that would be the ultimate refuge. When fellow members gather in friendship and courage, true freedom breaks through from another world and all explorations and adventures are possible - time is endless and all members become immortal.

Members live for the ocean and the ocean lives in them. May your hook be cast and your compass be on course for the Skull Island Yacht Club.

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